Garret Fitch is quickly gaining recognition in Southern Ohio. This 19-year-old singer and preacher is creating quite a buzz in the Buckeye state, but his ministry is rapidly impacting several other states as well and has grown at a fast pace in a short time as God’s calling is upon his life. As we look back to the beginning of his story, we see how powerful and creative God’s penmanship is.

Garret was born in early 1998, and seven years later, he said “yes” to Jesus and accepted Him into his heart. In January 2005, he was attending children’s church at Swauger Valley Freewill Baptist Church when he felt the Holy Spirit’s gentle tug. “Right there for the first time, I understood that just because my mom and dad were saved, it didn’t mean anything for me, and right there, I knew I needed Jesus,” he explained.

“My focus is understanding with my whole heart that Jesus is coming back, and we don’t have long left in this thing. God has grown my focus and urgency to know that there’s no time to be messing around.”  ~Garret Fitch

Almost exactly 10 years later, he accepted God’s call to preach while attending a service at Community Bible Church in Lucasville. “I knew God had been calling me, but just like everyone does, I didn’t want to accept it, I wanted to run from it. The last thing I wanted to do was be a preacher. Preaching had never entered my mind of what I wanted to do, but God had other plans.”

So what did Garret want to do? Sing.

Singing was his passion, and he dreamed of being part of a quartet or a singing group. In fact, he had spent the previous year traveling to various churches to use the singing talent God had given him. So far, he has released three albums, with the fourth scheduled to come out this month. All of his music is available on iTunes.

However, as always, God sees the bigger picture, and He saw how much He could use Garret to minister to people not only as a singer but as a preacher as well.

Since Garret accepted the Lord’s calling on his life, he’s put 100 percent into his ministry, doing his best to fulfill what God has asked him to do, and the Lord is blessing this young man in extraordinary ways. “My focus is understanding with my whole heart that Jesus is coming back, and we don’t have long left in this thing. God has grown my focus and urgency to know that there’s no time to be messing around.”

At the beginning of 2017, after serious prayer and seeking God’s direction in his life, Garret completely trusted God and withdrew from college where he was pursuing a degree in education. He launched into ministering full-time with no idea what this leap of faith would bring, but the fruit produced so far is evidence he is in God’s will. Already more than 70 precious souls have been saved this year, and God has opened the doors for him to preach and sing at places he never dreamed possible.

His friends, The Parsons Family, introduced him to Billy Fields, a singer, songwriter and preacher he has admired for years, and he got to preach at Billy’s church. “He’s helped me so much. Never in a million years would I have thought I would get to stand behind his pulpit. But God saw fit to open that door,” Garret said.

He also was invited to preach at the Christian Unity Revival in Hayesville, NC, where Chris Rumfelt pastors. “Ever since I answered the call to preach, I’ve watched services at his church and never thought I could have the opportunity to get to preach there, but Billy Fields has always been good friends with Chris, and God just opened that door, and I have been there three times this past spring,” he said. In one of these services, he got to preach the same night Karen Peck and New River was performing.

In May, another dream came true when he had the opportunity to sing at the Spring Jubilee, a popular camp meeting in southern Ohio he has been attending all his life.

The opportunities have also included challenges, one which later turned into a blessing. In October 2016, Garret was traveling home from a meeting in Vanceburg, Ky., when the trailer he was towing flipped over, causing him to lose control and hit a tree. He miraculously walked away with just a minor burn on his arm, but he needed another vehicle to continue his work. His prayers were soon answered when a local car dealer sold him a used vehicle at such a low price he paid it off within a few days. “God has just shown me time and time again that He will provide,” said Garret.

God has His hand on this young man, so continue to be on the lookout for what He is doing in Garret’s life. This is just the beginning as new opportunities open in other states as far away as Kansas, and he knows God will pave the way before him.

The teenager often begins his sentences with “never in a million years did I think,’” and that will most likely be repeated as God continues to do a mighty work in his ministry. It is evident as we read the beginning chapters of Garret’s story, it is God who holds the pen, and we look for him to continue to write many great chapters far into the future.

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Whitney Ward graduated from Asbury University with a Bachelor of Arts in Creative Writing and a minor in Journalism.  During her junior of college, she served on the University’s newspaper staff as the Assistant Sports Editor and Contributing Sports Writer. Upon graduating from Asbury, she wrote for GO InterNational, a mission organization located in Wilmore, Ky., and she served on Rubyville Community Church youth camp’s newspaper staff. She has shared the unique story of God’s miraculous touch on her life with numerous audiences at churches and schools as well as on mission trips. Whitney resides in Rubyville, Ohio and attends Rubyville Community Church where she teaches first and second graders in Sunday School and manages the church’s website.