Aussie Teens Inspired to Follow Jesus

Tspan>he Bible Society Australia organizes an annual event where teenagers deepen their knowledge of Jesus.

Nepalis Christian Population on the Rise

The number of Nepalis converting to Christianity is at an all-time high, claimed the World Christian Database. From zero Christian in 1951, there are now more than 375,000 Christians in the Asian country.

German Pastor Holds Twitter Services

Churches implement a \

Christian Millennials Reawaken Faith in Israel

Covenant Journey is a US-based non-profit organization that provides trips to Israel for deserving Christian students aged 18 to 25. It sponsors the pilgrimage to the Holy Land to...

Christian Groups Hail Ruling on N.Ireland’s Abortion Law

Christian groups welcomed a legal ruling that Northern Ireland\'s abortion laws should be decided by the local government---not by the judges, reports Belfast News Letter.

“Jesus Ban” Proposed in Australian Schools Sparks Fury

The state of Queensland in Australia has proposed prohibiting school children from talking about Jesus, The Australian reports.

Robot Spider on Canadian Cathedral Drew Mixed Reactions

A giant robot spider became famous when it was used in a performance at the Notre Dame Cathedral in Ottawa, Ontario on July 27.

Welsh Council Meetings Still Open with Christian Prayers

Thirteen out of 18 councils in Wales hold Christian prayers before the formal start of a meeting despite a campaign to ban them, The Christian Institute reports.

Faith is Important to Refugees–Tearfund Research

Recent research showed that faith is a significant source of comfort for refugees, a press release of Tearfund stated.

Majority of UK Christians Feel Marginalized

A recent study showed that an astonishing 93 per cent of Christians living in the United Kingdom feel that their faith is being marginalized by society, The Christian Institute reports.